Steve's anxiety completely left when he received the Holy Spirit.

Shortly before my 21st birthday, I contracted a viral infection affecting my heart. This led to an anxiety condition the doctors called “cardio neurosis”. I would feel what I thought were the symptoms of heart attack which led to frequent panic attacks in which I was gripped by the thought that I was about to die. I was caught in a cycle of visiting doctors three times per week and was often rushed to hospital to be told that there was nothing wrong with me. Under doctors guidance I tried a variety of therapies and medications all to no avail.  Over the next six years I continued to suffer panic attacks and my general health was deteriorating due to a high level of underlying anxiety in my life.

In 1989 I was told of how I could be baptised by full immersion and receive the Holy Spirit knowing that this had occurred because I would speak in tongues. This intrigued me as I had never heard of any proof of God's existence before. After several hours of asking questions and having them all answered from the Bible, I went to a Revival Fellowship meeting and to my amazement had this very experience. Shortly after receiving the Holy Spirit I realised that I no longer suffered any anxiety symptoms whatsoever – God had healed me and I have not had a single panic attack since! I am so grateful to God for this and that I continue to experience Him working in every aspect of my life.