Frank's broken sternum was instantly healed through prayer. 

In 1978 I was baptised by full immersion and received the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues. 2 days later I called on God for a healing as I had previously had a failed operation on my nose and was told by the specialist that they could do no more for me. The result was that I was unable to breath properly for some years and used a gas spray every 2 hours to assist my breathing. That evening I prayed to God and was instantly healed. At the same time my stomach ulcers and spinal degeneration disease that would have seen me wheelchair bound in my early fifties were also healed. I was amazed and thrilled that God had healed me.

Some years later I broke my sternum in an accident and was told by the doctor that it would take a long time to heal if ever. I again prayed to God, this time during a time of praying and fasting with the church, and was once more instantly healed. I am so thankful to God as He has wonderfully healed me from my sicknesses repeatedly and exactly as the Bible promises.