Stories of powerful, life-changing experiences from members of the Church
At every meeting you will hear members of the Church briefly tell how their lives have changed miraculously since they were baptised and received the Holy Spirit.

Inspirational preaching from the Bible
Church leaders will draw directly from the Bible to deliver clear messages that are relevant today. By making the Bible an integral part of our meetings and everyday life our actions are guided by the Scriptures which results in God's blessings. 

Taking of Communion
Time is set aside in our meeting to remember Jesus' death exactly as He outlined shortly before His crucifixion. The bread and cup are taken to remind us that through His sacrifice we have a full salvation including remission of sins, answers to all our needs, and ultimately eternal life with Him.

Operation of the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit
Paul explained in his letter to the Corinthians that we are to expect the operation of the miraculous gifts of tongues, interpretation and prophecy in the Church. At the appointed time in the meeting members of the Church deliver encouraging messages in an orderly manner as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Prayer for the sick
Anyone with a physical, spiritual, or other need is invited to pray with the elders of the Church with the expectation that their need will be met miraculously by the power of God.

Water baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit
Opportunity is made available for visitors to our meetings to be baptised by full immersion in water, after confessing their belief in Jesus, with the expectation of receiving the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.

Wholesome and encouraging fellowship
Just as the early Church our meetings provide opportunity for uplifting conversation in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Church leaders are experienced in discussing personal situations and providing relevant answers from the Bible to any questions you may have.